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Bar-Sto Precision Machine has been making the world's finest precision auto-pistol barrels since 1971. Bar-Sto barrels have been used exclusively by the U.S. Marine Corps Marksman Unit since 1977. They have also been used to win every major pistol tournament worldwide, including Camp Perry Bullseye Nationals, the U.S.P.S.A. Nationals, Steel Challenge, the Masters, and many more. The barrels have a rate of twist of 1 turn in 16".
All Bar-Sto Pistol barrels are machined from solid stainless steel bar stock which has been heat treated to 180,000 PSI tensile strength. The barrels are machined, bored, and rifled completely in their own shop. Accuracy is excellent even when compared to target grade barrels. You will feel the difference in quality just by holding this barrel in your hand compared to the Glock factory barrel. These are semi-drop in barrels that generally do not require fitting and will provide a tighter fit than the factory barrel. You will see immediate, improved accuracy with 1"- 2" groups at 25 yards when firing match grade ammunition. Bar-Sto Precision Barrels Available for all current Glock and Springfield XD handguns and most other service grade pistols.

The image above shows the standard barrel, the compensated barrel and the ported barrel. Some barrels are not available ported or compensated.

Bar-Sto Barrels are precision cut and made to order. Our in-stock position on these barrels is limited. While we do have some barrels in stock we ask that you call to verify our inventory. Barrels not in stock typically ship within 6-8 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

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